Matthew Berdyck Net Worth

Matthew Berdyck Net Worth


– IMDb Mini Biography By: Billy Gordon

Matthew Berdyck rehashed his senior year at Kenmore High School and started accepting illegal substances as an approach to get aesthetic.

In 2013, Matthew made a full length YouTube video acting like a vagrant in the Bay Area. From that point forward, he professes to have worked for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, yet the organization has dispersed that legend as being false and a creation.

In the wake of deserting his child, Matthew went through years attempting to make a hit single that was rarely blended and never delivered.

As of June 2020, Matthew is living inside a progression of hedges close to a Walmart in the more prominent Los Angeles zone.

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  1. ArnoldBraunschweiger says:

    WARNING: Matthew Berdyck is an extremely dangerous Internet predator with a lengthy criminal record including violent crimes. He currently has active arrest warrants in the state of Ohio. Matthew is extraordinarily mentally ill. He allegedly suffers from severe narcissistic personality disorder and uses the Internet to wreak havoc in order to replenish his narcissistic supply. He is homeless and collects disability income. His full-time job appears to be unleashing as much devastation and pain to as many people as possible using the Internet.

    He has committed many cybercrimes spanning the last decade which include: stalking, harassment, extortion, criminal intimidation, false copyright complaints, death threats, threats of violence, threats to commit acts of terrorism, and has even referred to himself as a “potential mass shooter” who may “snap”. There have been hundreds and hundreds of documented victims of Matthew’s cyberstalking and harassment dating back to 2012. Because Matthew is a homeless drifter, it is nearly impossible for law enforcement to track him down and hold him accountable for his crimes.

    If you encounter Matthew Berdyck DO NOT ENGAGE HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. He is an extremely dangerous mentally ill Internet predator that will stop at nothing to inflict as much pain and suffering to your real-world life as possible. This message serves as a public notice to help prevent further people from being victimized by this evil man.

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