When is National Transfer Money to Your Parents Day?

National Transfer Money to Your Parents Day

National Transfer Money to Your Parents Day is observed as National Pay Back Your Parents Day. It’s always celebrated on November 20, and in 2020, it will occur on Friday, November 20. The exact history and origin of this day are unknown, but this day is just to tribute and reward your parents that brought you into this world, sacrificed their wishes to bring you up nicely, and gave you a better lifestyle.
When your mother started conceiving, she changed her lifestyle, routine, diet, clothes, activities, and she put her dreams aside. She just wanted you to be a healthy child. She faced weakness after weakness during the nine months of her pregnancy. Her blood, energy, diet, and body nutrients were consumed in your growth With every moment, she became weak, and you grew gradually. At the time of your birth, she was at the crossroad of life and death, but she delivered you and forgot all her pains just for your smile. And this was not the end of her pains, but she faced all the challenges bravely.
On the other hand, when your father came to know that he is going to be Papa, he reduced his outings with friends, left his enjoyable activities, and started doing extra jobs to give you a better future and luxurious lifestyle. He changed his habits, forgot his dreams, and left his favorite activities. Now, you are a fully-grown and well-empowered man or woman, who is self-actualized and self-sufficient. You are a fully-charged battery that got voltage and energy from parents.

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Realizing the importance of parents in children’s life, different days and events were introduced and organized. For instance, Global Day of Parents, on every June 1, is the UN initiative step; it raised awareness that how good parents give their children the strongest start in their life. On the other hand, On another hand, National Parents Day occurs every fourth Sunday of July. And this day was declared a national day when the then US President Bill Clinton signed a declaration in 1994 that recognized the role of parents in bringing up the children. In comparison to these 2 days, National Pay Back Your Parents Day was introduced as another holiday. The concept of this day was slightly different from other relevant days because this not only a tribute to the parents. But also it lets the children pay some rewards in the form of gifts, financial assistance, and help in household chores.
According to an exclusive article in “US Today”, American parents spend an average amount of $233,610 to raise their one child from birth to the age of 18. Therefore, this day was introduced to let the children realize that they should pay back their parents. The specific day has exclusive significance in the United States of America, where the children leave their parents after 18 and started living separately to doing jobs and pursuing their careers. Thus, National Pay Back Your Parents Day brings the children back to their dearest Mom & Dad and lets them realize their financial, personal, and health problems.
So on this November 20, go to your parents’, spend quality time with them, bring gifts for them, check their medicines, transfer money to their bank account, resolve their home maintenance problems, and let them smile and laugh at your memories. This will definitely make that day the best day of the year for them; they will forget their pains and discomforts. And it will add more beauty and happiness to their memories.
So plan your National Pay Back Your Parents Day and get the details about the weekdays when the specific day will come in the upcoming years.
Year Date Day
2020 November 20 Friday
2021 November 20 Saturday
2022 November 20 Sunday
2023 November 20 Monday
2024 November 20 Wednesday

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