When is National Mountain Day?

National Mountain Day

National Mountain Day is not a single day that is celebrated worldwide. Actually, the term Mountain Day is associated with three different events that are observed differently in different nations of the world. The mountain days are observed as The Mountain Day in the United States of America, International Mountain Day, and Mountain Day in Japan.
The United States of America started observing the National Mountain Day in 1838 when the students of Mount Holyoke college started heading off to Mount Holyoke. Numerous colleges including Smith College, Juniata College, Elmira College instituted their, Mountain Days in 1877, 1896, 1850, and 1908 respectively. These days were introduced to make the youth, children, and parents aware of the significance of mounting and hiking.

National Mountain Day
National Mountain Day

The concept of Mountain Day in Japan is totally different than that of the USA. The legislature Seishiro Eto and the Japanese Alpine Club became the supporter of this day, and in May 2014, it was proclaimed that the mountain day would be celebrated as a public holiday on every August 11, and the observance of the day started in 2016. It was a prudent step that was taken by the Japanese legislation. And the holiday brought opportunities to get familiar with the significance of mountains and all the blessings that they bring. For nature lovers and mounters, the holiday proves to be the best and most enjoyable day of the year.

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The International Mountain Day was designated by the UNO General Assembly in 2003. This decision was made by the General Assembly to take protective measures for environmental protection and sustainable mountain development. To serve the purpose, it was asked to organize events at all levels to let the people aware of its significance. Every year, the same day comes with different events and novel ideas. For instance, the National Mountain Day that was observed in 2010, its theme was Mountain Minorities and Indigenous People. The main purpose was to raise awareness about the Indigenous People and minorities that live in hilly areas and mountain environments. And on this even, the relevance of their cultural heritage, traditions, rituals, social & societal norms, and customs were also discussed with the huge audience. On the whole, it was a very enjoyable and knowledgeable event.
In short, I can say whether it’s an international mountain day or the mountain day in Japan and the United States of America, these days play a contributory role in raising awareness of hiking, mountains, and the communities residing in those environments.

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